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Covenant Construction Services offers a myriad of client driven preconstruction services to better assist our customers with their needs. Our extensive experience in relationship based work has provided us with the resources and knowledge base to utilize in advising our customers with preconstruction related activities.

The information below touches on a few of our standard preconstruction services:


When coming to CCS with a Design-Build opportunity, a client will not be limited to the internal capabilities of our staff. Our relationships across the country with design firms encompassing nearly all the sectors of the construction industry ensure that we will assemble the best project team to suit the demands of the project.

Design-Assist / Constructability Analysis

When a client directly contracts with an independent design firm, Covenant can assist during preconstruction and construction by providing:

  • Alternative Material and Methods Options
  • Cost Analysis / Budget Estimates
  • Project Phasing Schedule
  • All of which may result in Value-Engineering Opportunities

Our ability to interface in the early stages of construction affords CCS the opportunity to provide budget conscience recommendations in design and materials used while leaving the end result of the project primarily unchanged.

Conceptual Estimating / Cost Development

Under-estimating a job can lead to hardships when attempting to closeout a project. With our real-time knowledge of industry pricing, CCS is able to provide clients a comprehensive cost report, breaking down the full scope of construction. This service provides our clients with the piece-of-mind that their initial estimated projections are accurate and their project will be completed within budget.


In additional to our front end, preconstruction services; Covenant Construction has the ability to manage and operate construction activities by offering the following:

Estimating Services

The capacity to competitively bid plays a vital role in the overall success of a contractor. Our estimators draw from their years of experience when assembling a proposal. This experience along with our ability to put together the appropriate team of qualified trade contractors plays a significant role in the successful outcome of a project.

Value Engineering

In combination with our preconstruction services, Covenant Construction strives to maintain a constant and watchful eye on the cost of construction by offering Value Engineering (VE) opportunities as they are identified. As items are reviewed and modified during preconstruction meetings with the owner and architect, there also exists the opportunity for cost saving solutions as the subcontract and vendor teams are developed.

Project Management

Project management plays a pivotal role in the completion of a project. From preconstruction throughout construction and ending with post-construction our project managers have the ability to work with all parties by providing project cost alternatives & analysis, accurate scheduling, timely submittals; all while giving an owner the assurance that project related matters are and will be addressed in a timely and professional manner.

Field Operations

There will always be a member of the Covenant team assigned to a project. Depending on the size and complexity of a job, CCS has the ability to self-perform several of the trades (i.e. Carpentry, Framing). With this said, we are not tied to any labor organizations. This allows us to competitively price all subcontractor / vendor trades and ensure the owner is given the most economical solution.

Post-Construction Services

Closeout Documents

A major component in finalizing a project is to see that the owner receives all proper project documentation. From as-built drawings to owner and operation manuals, our project team takes a proactive approach in tracking down this pertinent information. To enforce this policy, CCS takes a position early on in the final stages of construction to include closeout milestones within the project look-ahead schedule. Seeing that these milestone dates are satisfied we are provided the time necessary to properly assemble closeout documents in an understandable and easy-to-use manual.

Warranty & Maintenance Management

As the client begins taking possession of the building / space, we will assist our trade contractors with training on how to operate, manage and maintain the major equipment. If deficiencies are discovered with the newly installed equipment or structure, CCS has a warranty staff to provide solutions. Our standard labor warranty is good for a period of one year with equipment warranties provided based on the manufacturer’s specifications.

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